You should escalate but to whom? | Escalation Matrix

  • mardi, 13 décembre, 2022
  • 15:41

This is General Announcement for everyone, Way to Escalate their complain to Bigger Levels, If support is not able to handle it or Not responding to you on time

Level 1 - 24/7 Support Shift Engineer 0315-5624678
Level 2 - Key Account Manager Yousuf Ali 0317-3336557
Level 3 - Enterprise Manager Mohammad Owais 0336-3539769

Note: Complain must be generated first at Level 1 and If issue is not being handle by them on your agreed SLA then you can reach to next level for further support.

Subs/o KhalidGroup (NTN: 7266264-6 | SST: S7266264-6)

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