You should escalate but to whom? | Escalation Matrix

  • Tuesday, 13th December, 2022
  • 15:41pm

This is General Announcement for everyone, Way to Escalate their complain to Bigger Levels, If support is not able to handle it or Not responding to you on time

Level 1 - 24/7 Support Shift Engineer 0315-5624678
Level 2 - Key Account Manager Yousuf Ali 0317-3336557
Level 3 - Enterprise Manager Mohammad Owais 0336-3539769

Note: Complain must be generated first at Level 1 and If issue is not being handle by them on your agreed SLA then you can reach to next level for further support.

Subs/o KhalidGroup (NTN: 7266264-6 | SST: S7266264-6)

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